LCD Dvizhenie.Tushino.

LCD Dvizhenie.Tushino.

Current prices in the residential complex “Dvizhenie.Tushino” on 07/02/2021.

Type of apartment Price per apartment Area, m 2 Price per m 2, RUB studio from 7.7–8.1 million rubles. 27-28 from 274 thousand 11 proposals 1-room. from 8-9.8 million rubles. 28-38 from 246 thousand 34 offers 2-room. from 9.3–15.3 million rubles.

36-57 from 236 thousand 67 offers 3-room. from 12.7–20 million rubles. 46–78 from 251 thousand 25 offers all apartments.

General information about the complex and the developer.

The Dvizhenie.Tushino apartment complex is located in the north-west of Moscow, in the Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo district. The new building includes three monolithic buildings from 13 to 22 floors with underground parking. The houses sell one-, two- and three-room apartments with an area of ​​26-77 sq. m.

Features of the residential complex “Dvizhenie.Tushino”:

apartment complex; housing without finishing; located on the Tushino peninsula.

The project is part of the complex development of the former Tushino airfield, which in the coming years will turn into a modern residential area with a developed infrastructure. The developer is the structure of the developer GK FGC.

By 2022, the company plans to build a well-equipped complex of sports-oriented apartments with a fenced area next to the recently renovated Otkrytie Arena stadium. High-rise buildings will be located within walking distance from the metro and the exit to Volokolamskoe highway. The new building will include two buildings with open-plan residential apartments and one hotel building with turnkey investment housing..

Location: Moscow, North-West Administrative District, Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo district.

The Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo area, on the territory of which the construction site of the Dvizhenie.Tushino residential complex is located, can be divided into several parts. In the center there are sleeping

microdistricts, in the east – the natural and historical park “Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo”, in the west and north – the industrial zone “Knitted”.

The entire southern part of the district is separated from the rest of Moscow by a water channel and is located on a large peninsula. Previously, there was the Tushino airfield. After its closure, the city transferred the territory for complex development to several developers.

How to get there by car and public transport.

Volokolamskoe highway runs through the entire Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo area, to which the Dvizhenie.Tushino residential complex is almost closely adjacent. Without traffic jams by car along this highway, you can get to the central districts of the capital and the Garden Ring in 20-25 minutes, and in about 5-7 minutes – to the Moscow Ring Road, 2.8 km.

Next to the new building there are two metro stations of the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line: Tushino and Spartak. Both are about 800 m away from the complex – you can reach them in about 7-10 minutes.

At a distance of a little less than a kilometer from the new building, there is a railway in the Riga direction with a passenger platform Tushino, where you can take commuter trains. At the end of 209, the MCD-2 (D2) Tushino station opened there – a surface metro connecting Moscow and the Moscow region.

Construction progress: queues and deadlines for the delivery of buildings.

The developer and builder of the project is FGC GK, formerly known as FGC “Leader”. It is one of the largest construction companies in Russia with a geography of activities in Moscow and the Moscow region, St. Petersburg, the Leningrad region and in other regions of the country. In 2019, the organization announced a restructuring and rebranding, after which it became known as FGC Group.

Now the holding includes construction and industrial organizations – about 50 structures in total.

The total volume of residential real estate commissioned by the developer exceeds 6 million square meters. m. The number of active projects includes such new buildings as the Up-quarter “Rimsky” in the Leninsky district, the RC “Richard” in the Khoroshevsky district, the RC “Generation” in Otradnoye.

In the documentation for the residential complex “Dvizhenie.Tushino”, one of the structures of the GK FGC – LLC “Stadium” Spartak “is indicated as the developer. The building permit for the apartment complex was issued until December 27, 2022.

Body no..

Commissioning period.

II quarter of 2022.

II quarter of 2022.

II quarter of 2022.

The general contractor in one stage must erect three monolithic buildings with a height of 13-22 floors. The date for putting the facility into operation stated in the project declaration is the II quarter of 2022.

Construction technology. Architecture.

Monolithic construction technology is used in the “Dvizhenie.Tushino” apart-complex. Such buildings consist of a reinforced concrete frame and floors made of foam or aerated concrete blocks, which are not load-bearing, as in panel or brick houses. This makes it possible to implement a free layout in monolithic buildings.

In addition, such buildings are distinguished by a high service life (about 130 years) and high energy efficiency..

Architectural concept.

The project of the new building is made in a modern style – hinged volumetric facades with finishing from colored panels form geometric patterns of light and coffee shades.

The buildings of the new building form a residential area with a spacious courtyard. Its territory will be closed from outsiders and landscaped – they will organize children’s and sports grounds, a walking area and places for recreation. Landscaping will also be carried out in the yard – trees and shrubs will be planted.

Entrance groups and halls.

For public spaces, the developer will develop an original design project. Entrance lobbies will be located at ground level; on the first floors there will be spacious halls with high ceilings. They feature furnished mini-living rooms and concierge desks.

Separate rooms will be allocated for strollers and bicycles of residents.

Residential fund: investment and residential apartments, with or without finishing.

Apartments for sale in the Dvizhenie.Tushino complex. Legally, they are not residential, but commercial real estate, so they cannot be permanently registered. Also, the norms of the Housing Code are not applied to the apartments – for example, in terms of the level of permissible noise, and payments for utilities are made at commercial rates..

Rooms in the residential complex “Dvizhenie.Tushino”:

1-room; 2-room; 3-room.

The spread of areas in the new building is from 26 to 77 sq. m. The property is of two types. Residential apartments are for sale in two buildings. They have a free layout, turnkey finishing can be ordered separately.

Also, in a separate apart-hotel, the developer offers investment apartments with designer renovation and furnishings.

Planning solutions.

In one-room apartments, the kitchen is combined with the living room. In two- and three-room apartments, it is placed in a separate room. With regard to the variety of layouts, the developer promises a wide range of solutions – both traditional and unusual. The assortment includes mainly linear and corner apartments.

Rooms can have the usual square and rectangular shape, or more exotic ones with sharp corners. All rooms have compact bathrooms with an average area of ​​3.8 sq. m. 2- and 3-room apartments have separate bathroom and toilet.

Non-residential fund: underground parking, storerooms and commercial premises.

The complex “Dvizhenie.Tushino” provides an underground parking lot with paid parking spaces, from which it will be possible to get directly to the residential floors through elevators. On the same level with the parking lots, there will also be individual paid storage rooms for storing the property of residents. The premises will organize lighting and access to electricity and provide an optimal microclimate for safe storage of things..

On the first floors of the houses there are business premises of various sizes. They can be used to organize shops, offices, educational centers and other retail facilities. Each room will be equipped with a separate exit to the street, and all the necessary communications will be carried out inside..

District and internal infrastructure.

The inhabited part of Pokrovsky-Streshnev, formed around the metro and the railway, is provided with all the necessary infrastructure facilities – from schools and kindergartens to large shopping centers, cafes and restaurants.

The new microdistrict, which is currently being built in the southern part of the district, is still at the initial stage of development. In the future, infrastructure will also appear there – it is included in the complex development project.

Within walking distance from the residential complex “Dvizhenie.Tushino” there is a large football stadium “Otkrytie Arena” of the “Spartak” club, recently opened after a lengthy restoration. Also in Pokrovsky-Streshnevo are the stadiums “Luch” and “Red October”.

Internal infrastructure of the residential complex “Dvizhenie.Tushino”:

landscaped courtyard park; underground parking; shops and offices on the ground floors.

The nearest green area is located 2 km from the new building. This is the natural and historical park “Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo”. Its area is 222 hectares, the main part of the territory is occupied by trees and several large bodies of water.

The park was reconstructed, now there are children’s and sports grounds, walking and cycling paths with comfortable places for recreation..

Ecological situation.

In Pokrovsky-Streshnevo there is an industrial zone “Knitwear”, on the territory of which the Moscow Machine-Building Enterprise named after V.I. VV Chernysheva is a large machine-building plant. Also, a number of other production facilities operate within the boundaries of the industrial zone.

The environmental situation is also complicated by Volokolamskoe highway – this is a busy metropolitan highway, which is a source of noise and dust.

However, in general, the area can be considered favorable from the point of view of ecology – it is located in the north-western direction, where the minimum number of industrial facilities operates and there are many green areas, including the natural-historical park “Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo”, forest park “Serebryany Bor” in the Stroginsky backwater, Aleshkinsky forest.

Conditions for the purchase of apartments: DDU 214-FZ, mortgage.

Apartments in the residential complex “Dvizhenie.Tushino” at the construction stage can be purchased in the same way as ordinary apartments – under a shared participation agreement (DCA) in accordance with 214-FZ “On participation in shared construction”. This law applies to apartments, but with a number of restrictions – for example, in the event of a developer’s bankruptcy, equity holders will be able to rely only on monetary compensation, and not on receiving housing after the completion of the facility..

Construction site sales office.

At the construction site of the “Dvizhenie.Tushino” residential complex, a sales office is constantly operating. It is located at the address: Moscow, Volokolamskoe shosse, 71к1 (the first door after entrance 8). During the visit, you can ask to provide documents for the new building and the developer, get answers to questions about the project, choose and buy an apartment, apply for a mortgage.

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